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Apply for IndiaLibraries Ambassador Program before SRR Birth Anniversary – 12 Aug 2017

June 2, 2017

IndiaLibraries Ambassador Program formally launched on SRR Birth Anniversary – 12 Aug 2016

Inviting applications for  IndiaLibraries Ambassador Program.  Selected IndiaLibraries Ambassador list will be displayed on blog at on SRR Birth Anniversary – 12 Aug 2017.

As ‘ IndiaLibraries Ambassador’ you will

  1. speak about IndiaLibraries on formal and informal platforms in India and Abroad and popularize it.
  2. posting library related information on groups of IndiaLibraries (list provided below).
  3. answer to member queries when posted on group
  4. moderate groups you have adopted and be responsible for   them and see that unrelated, irrelevant information is not posted on group.
  5. you will not speak negatively or badmouth about IndiaLibraries group, its members admins, website etc. IndiaLibraries always encourages critical evaluation but discourages negative comments. IndiaLibraries is open and requests feedback and is always trying to improve its products and services based on feedback and suggestions.

Please note: There can be more than one Ambassador for each group.


Who can apply?

Any library professional at any level and from any country can apply provided he/she  adept at navigating the internet and curating relevant LIS information with interest in updating self and other fellow professionals.


How Can I register?

You can register anytime throughout the year till 9 Aug. We will select suitable people and post the list on 12 Aug every year. You need to reapply every year if you are interested to continue in being IndiaLibraries Ambassador.

We will choose a Gold Ambassador who is most active of all ambassadors at the end of the year and publish it on our blog.

Please email at ONLY AFTER READING AND UNDERSTANDING INDIALIBRARIES POLICY MENTIONED BELOW. If you send your information, it is assumed that you have read and understood our policy and will adhere to it.

  1. Full Name
  2. Organization
  3. Reason why you would like to be an IndiaLibraries Ambassador
  4. Name(s) of IndiaLibraries Groups you would like to be associated with.



IndiaLibraries has strict policies as given below:

  1. not to badmouth or speak negatively about IndiaLibraries on any public platform once you have agreed to be its ambassador. This policy extends even after you have left the position of IndiaLibraries Ambassador. There is no fixed time line of expiry.
  2. not to badmouth any library, library professional, library group, library association, library related website on any of the IndiaLibraries groups!
  3. not to post, discuss, encourage posting information/images  that are inflammatory or controversial in nature, cause extreme reactions in people that is related to particular country, caste, group, sex, politics, religion.
  4. If you are not posting or monitoring your groups regularly, you can be removed from the listing from our blog at any point of time.

Please Note: IndiaLibraries reserves the right to remove any ambassador if they go against IndiaLibraries policies.

Disclaimer: It should also be noted that members/volunteer admins/IndiaLibraries Ambassadors opinions are their own. IndiaLibraries is only a platform where library professionals can interact, opinionate and post their suggestions and feedback. IndiaLibraries does not endorse the members/volunteer admins/IndiaLibraries Ambassadors opinions. We will try to monitor posting any information/image that is not acceptable as per IndiaLibraries policy.

IndiaLibraries Groups on Facebook

Request all to read group description given on every group before posting information. Get acquainted with groups adopted and populate them with relevant information. Unrelated information posted will be removed.

  1. LibrarianFashion
  2. LIS Newsletters
  3. Designation and API Score Calculation for LIS Professionals
  4. Ethics in LIS
  5. Father of  Library and Information Science in India
  6. All Things Open – Open Access & Open Source
  7. Most Secret LIS Professionals Group – By Invitation Only!
  8. UGC-HRDC (earlier ASC)
  9. Unusual Libraries
  10. LIS Professional and Laws relating to IPR, Copyright etc and Court Rulings
  11. Plagiarism in LIS
  12. SelflessLISProfessionals
  13. LIS Philanthropy in Libraries
  14. Articles on Libraries in Newspaper and Magazines
  15. UsefulLISArticlesPresentations
  16. LISBookFairs LibraryWeek Literary Festivals, Literary Prizes etc
  17. LIS OnlineForms
  18. Ebooks
  19. LIS Books Published WorldWide
  20. LIS Professionals from India Publishing LIS Books
  21. LIS Journals (Open Access and Subscribed) from India and Abroad
  22. School Librarian
  23. LIS Jobs Training Scholarships
  24. LIS Associations
  25. Library and Information Science Experts as Resource Persons
  26. LIS related Groups on Google, Yahoo and Others
  27. LIS Research
  28. LIS Courses
  29. LIS India Examinations UGC NET/SET/JRF
  30. LIS Dates – Conferences/Seminars/Workshops
  31. LIS Professionals – Curriculum Vitae/CV/Resume/Bio
  32. LISLatestNews
  33. Social Media and Mobile Apps used by Librarians in Libraries
  34. LIS Professionals on LinkedIn
  35. LIS Facebook Groups, Pages, Events etc
  36. LIS Professionals on Facebook
  37. LIS Professionals on Website/Homepages/Blogs
  38. LIS Professionals on Twitter
  39. Talented LIS Professionals
  40. LISFunnyLearningGeneralStuff
  41. Women LIS Professionals


Get your LIS friends and other LIS professionals and colleagues to like the pages of IndiaLibraries



Fans of IndiaLibraries


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  1. Its great news for library professional.


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