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Copyright Infringement of IndiaLibraries Image by ‘LIS International’ WhatsApp Group!

April 10, 2017

IndiaLibraries has been using the Image of India Flag with Globe in the background as LOGO of IndiaLibraries.


One of IndiaLibraries members got to our notice below image on 3 Apr 2017


So we immediately got in touch with the number 9630875842 on WhatsApp and left messages!


and left more messages but to no avail!


We used caller id and identified the person with number 9630875842 as


We left messages on Facebook of Prabhat Pandey ji

Prabhat Pandey LIS International.png

To which Prabhat Pandey ji responded

Prabhat Pandey Response.png

If that group was not created by Prabhat Pandey ji who is this Prabhat Pande ji with 9630875842 who has started the group but is not responding to our requests!

IndiaLibraries would like to request ‘LIS International’ WhatsApp group members and admins (we are given to understand Salek Chand ji, Praveen Kumar Jain ji, Mukund Kolwadkar ji are the other admins of the group along with 9630875842!). IndiaLibraries will be posting our request publicly on Facebook. Our request is that all LIS Professionals and public in general started associating this image with IndiaLibraries. If a person is utilising this image then there is a chance of misleading people into thinking that ‘LIS International’ is part of IndiaLibraries as displayed below!


We are hoping that all the above mentioned admins of ‘LIS International’ and LIS professionals understand that as LIS professionals we need to understand copyright issues and ensure that we do not infringe them. We need to follow correct policies and procedures.

Since then we are using the below image

IndLibs Copyright.jpg

We request everyone to not utilize the above image for ‘any’ purposes as this is being used as a logo for IndiaLibraries and it can only be used by IndiaLibraries on various social media.

Kindly connect with for further information.


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