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Point of Discussion on IndiaLibraries WhatsApp Group – Regarding Rules and Regulations of Appointment of Librarian!

January 3, 2017

There was an interesting discussion started by one member Mr Sonaj Kailas on IndiaLibraries WhatsApp Group.

He writes that LIS job seeking candidates of Kerala are facing a serious issue:  There is a separate common pool library service under the Higher Education Department of Kerala Government which is still following old rules in which a candidate with 10th Standard with Certificate in Library Science can apply for Grade IV Librarian. Due to which candidates having qualified MLISc with UGC NET are not getting the job.

Kindly forward how many States are following similar structure.

How can we address this issue?

What should we be doing to change this?

Why are we not raising our voice?


The following have been point of discussion amongst almost all Library and Information Science Professionals. But it is strange to note that these issues plague most LIS professionals in India but none of the Library Associations in India have ever united under one umbrella and discussed these issues.

There are many LIS Associations – International Associations in India, National, Regional, State, Local Associations. The whole list can be accessed at

LIS Associations Presidents are ‘elected’ every term  and surprisingly are elected unanimously! And even more surprising are the members who pay their life memberships or annual memberships and never question the ‘elected leader’ during his term or at the end of his/her term!

It is time to wake up! Time to demand to know what are the Library Associations doing?

Points of discussion and debate:

  1. Why Staffing pattern varies from
  • State to State
  • University to University
  • College to College
  1. Long Delay in appointment of librarians & faculty
  2. National Library is also being run with a Librarian In Charge
  3. Salary Structures
  4. Designations
  5. Guideship/Projects allocated only to Teaching LIS and not Practising LIS

Kindly forward any relevant document regarding disparity in rules and regulations of appointment of faculty and librarians to so that we can host the information on IndiaLibraries blog.


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