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IndiaLibraries WhatsApp Group Rules

November 29, 2016


IndiaLibraries WhatsApp Group was started on 11 Aug 2014 and currently has 143/256 members as of today! There are 42 LIS related WhatsApp Groups in India but almost all of them allow general messages on their group which dilute it! There is lot of demand/requests for joining IndiaLibraries group as it allows only LIS information and has a strict ‘No General Messages’ policy. Due to the strict IndiaLibraries Policy/Rules on adding & retaining LIS professionals as members of its WhatsApp group there is continuous trimming of members.

To join one must read the rules in detail and confirm understanding it and following it strictly!

Hoping all members take the rules in right spirit as it was intended.

# 1st & most important rule on IndiaLibraries WhatsApp group –  *LIS related information in English language only*  – as we have members from East/West/South India & Abroad who cannot understand Hindi/Hinglish (Hindi written in English) and Regional languages of India. Exceptions Are Made For Very Important & Relevant Messages in Hindi/ Regional/Foreign Languages provided accompanied By *Mandatory One Line English Description* By The Person Posting!


# * LIS RELATED INFO ONLY ENCOURAGED*. Information, photos (1 or 2 only for info – many photos eats data), images or videos on Libraries/Librarians, LIS related Activities/Events, LIS related Products & Services, Software, Awards/Felicitations, Conference/Seminars/Workshops, Journals/Newsletters etc – which will update LIS professionals MOST WELCOME* Mandatory to provide one line description for every video posted – to help members decide if they would like to download & see it.


# *ACCEPTABLE* Breaking News of National or International importance like earthquakes.

# *UNACCEPTABLE* Any General information/Image/Video how every life saving or life threatening it is!

# *MANDATORY* – Display your full name by going into Settings > Profile > Save your Full Name. Helps in addressing person while responding. Keep professional mode of addressing members and communicating. Add Sir/Madam/Ji/Garu etc.  Never use nicknames on professional groups.

# *Help us save your time & data by:*
#1 *STRICTLY LIMIT Videos/images/photos to save data.*
#2 *STRICTLY NO GENERAL messages/ poetry (shayari)/images/ videos….”Good thought of day (‘Suvichar’)!*

# Do not introduce new topics and break discussion with new line of inquiry. Wait till current topic discussion exhausts.
# REQUEST at-least one member to respond if any query is posted.
#  *If you are re-posting information from other groups ….give credit. Its ethical.*

# *IndiaLibraries is having a STRICT POLICY – NO POSTS OR OPINIONS OR DISCUSSIONS – on CASTE, RACE, POLITICS, SEX, RELIGION – or Any SENSITIVE/CONTROVERSIAL topic – or Topic impacting National security!* Consider yourself *WARNED!* All of us have opinions on above topics – & IndiaLibraries respects that…. but submits this group is not a platform for you to air your views on above topics it is *Totally unacceptable!*
*MOST ACCEPTABLE* Information on/of/by/from President Mukherjee and Prime Minister of India Modiji *NOT ACCEPTED* is information on/of/by/from Modiji of BJP!
# *IndiaLibraries and it’s members are highly patriotic* – where unity, patriotism and nationalism is encouraged & celebrated! Kindly don’t make IndiaLibraries a platform to air your views either by posting positive or negative messages insulting India or Indians… Post facts with proof – don’t color the fact with your biased opinions….post positive messages about India & Indians if you have to post.

# Don’t drink bottled/tetra-packaged drinks!
# Aids from vendor cutting any fruit!
# God of any religion blessings! This is personal not meant for public display!
# Get free recharge from Company/Govt./Political figure/Film Star! (Remember there are no free lunches! Everything has strings attached!)
# Promotional messages or advertising of any kind!
# Flash sale from any online company!
# Send this message to various groups and watch colour change or be surprised etc.
*You are educated & mature – How gullible can you be….. to believe all above & forward!*

# Don’t post or forward messages as below – as you may unwittingly be spreading spam & misinformation
# Military – Army donations (Indian military is very proud they will never request for monetary support as individual entity – President/Prime Minster have fund for donations to utilize correctly in calamities. Rest all are bogus!)
# Food donations by calling toll free/mobile!
# Toll/Mobile number for women traveling at night in taxi!
# Scholarship – monetary benefits from individuals/government/NGOs
# Medical operation/procedures, medicines free of cost!
# Blood donation requests/list of names with numbers!
# Child/person in photo got lost…share in groups to find her/him requests!
# IndiaLibraries understands the seriousness of above issues/requests…. sympathizes and empathizes…. but requests members not to use IndiaLibraries group for posting above information.

# Please check…verify information if current/latest before you post/repost:
#1. Google to get info – real or scam!
#2. Check website – call!email.
#3. Kindly call numbers mentioned in forwarded message – *check if working or current/old request* –  and authenticate before posting/forwarding it on any group (Remember: IndiaLibraries does not encourage any unrelated general posts).
#4. Provide original source/link if possible.
#5. It’s our duty as LIS professionals to authenticate and source our information.

# *You will be unsubscribed from IndiaLibraries group if you do not follow rules as per IndiaLibraries policy.*

IndiaLibraries decision is final!
# IndiaLibraries policy & rules are posted to every person before joining –  and people are added to IndiaLibraries group as members only after they confirm to follow IndiaLibraries rules.
# IndiaLibraries believes that all its members are mature/learned/well-read/well informed via IndiaLibraries group while joining and various print and electronic media so are coherent with legal impact of posting CASTE, RACE, POLITICS, SEX, RELIGION – or Any SENSITIVE/CONTROVERSIAL topic – or Topic impacting National security so it is assumed that professionals & fully responsible for what they post on IndiaLibraries group. Be informed that as reported in newspapers legal/criminal proceedings can be initiated against those members who posts sensitive/controversial information/opinions – that generate arguments & disturb peace of group and raise hackles of public impacting national security! Such individuals will not be tolerated on IndiaLibraries group.

# IndiaLibraries members be informed that *admins cannot be held responsible for member opinions.*
# *All admins are volunteers who out of their goodwill are monitoring group. Kindly do not create problems for admins by posting controversial information*

# QUALITY is more important than QUANTITY to IndiaLibraries.
# Request members to be proactive/reactive – to retain membership of IndiaLibraries WhatsApp group.
# SILENT MEMBERS will be unsubscribed as per admin discretion – to make space for active/proactive members –  who share information for development of profession & professionals. Since it’s obvious that one joins a group to connect, network & share rather than being a mute spectator.
# To be added back on IndiaLibraries group – WhatsApp/email us your request to re-join. Admins will add you back once you reconfirm following IndiaLibraries rules & provided space is available.


Those interested in joining IndiaLibraries WhatsApp Group please email your details to
1. Full Name
2. University/College/Company/Institution Name
3. Mobile Number
Kindly Note: Do not post your mobile number in the comment box for privacy and security reasons! If you do, it is at your own risk!!

Warm Regards


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  1. I am Ramendra Dwivedi and working with Department of higher Education, Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh
    I have intrest to share and get knowledge of library as an info and science centre.
    This is needed more awareness for sustainable services.


    • I also had attended IPLM 2015 and IPLC 2016 in New Delhi
      My ideal person is Dr. Sangeeta kaul. From Delnet which is partnering with Nasscom foundation.
      I also attached with DEF foundation New Delhi
      And working since 2014


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