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Why Librarians in India do not get message from their Prime Minister or President if they hold a National Conference?

August 17, 2016

US President has sent a message to ALA for their Annual Conference! Read here

Can we get Prime Minister or President of India to recognise the Librarianship as a profession and send a message to librarians in India for their national conference??

Not because our Prime Minister/President wont! They just cant!
If our Prime Minister or President were to write messages to all Library Associations in India then they would not have time left to Govern!
As there are ‘numerous’ Library Associations at national, state and regional level whose representatives work in ‘silo’ for recognition, name and fame! Team work is not advocated nor accepted!!
Each Association organises ‘many’ Conferences/Seminars/Workshops through the year!
But there is only one Library Association in USA with Chapters in various states holding only one annual conference!
Hoping all the Indian Library Associations like Indian Library Association (ILA), IASLIC etc wake up atleast now and try to unite – to better the profession instead of working parallel or cross purposes with each other!
Note: IndiaLibraries is not a Library Association nor a Organisation. We are group of like minded volunteers who post on various groups on WhatsApp and Facebook to create awareness amongst LIS professionals in India. There is no single person who wants recognition, name and fame – so we do not have a President at the helm running the affairs – equal status to all volunteers who are admin. We do not take single name of individuals but collectively call ourselves IndiaLibraries.
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