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Interesting articles on LIS profession!

June 15, 2016

Read the following interesting articles…

“Library Associations Need to Do Better By the Members” by Kimberley Wilson at where she says “I think it’s time we as a profession use the power of the membership dues check and demand that the people who are supposed to be serving us start producing material that will actually help us”

Not to be missed is blog post “My Professional Adventures” by Achala Munigal at where the transparency of elections in library associations are questioned.

Another post by Anil Singh on Facebook at where he brought attention of LIS professionals in India to the information where IIT Bombay has downgraded its Librarian post which was earlier in PB4+ 10,000/- AGP scale (Professor Grade). Now they advertised the post of Chief Library Officer in PB3 + GP 7600/- which is below the level of Deputy Librarian of University. It is a big question that how these institutions without regular librarians recognized as INI and no single library association is raising above issues?

Another interesting post “Exploitation of Library Professionals in India” by Harsh Mehan at

Ajay Srivastava posted on IndiaLibraries facebook group LISLatestNews at Wake up librarians 150 non library professionals got appointment in 70 Government District Libraries in Uttar Pradesh under e-library scheme. He got only 20 likes for his post!

Read blog post by IndiaLibraries “What can I do?”…/31/what-can-i-do/ where library professional at every level thinks that it is someone else responsibility to make a difference to librarian profession. What can I as a individual do is their reasoning.

Another blog post “What type of Library Professional are you?” gives a humorous twist to each level of library professional right from being a student to a retired professional by slotting them in various types!

Do you know your self-worth? at  shares and annecdote When President John F. Kennedy visited NASA in 1962, he noticed a janitor cleaning the place, so he went and introduced himself to the janitor and asked “What are you doing?” To which the janitor responded “Well, Mr. President, I’m helping put a man on the moon.” LIS professionals have much to learn from this. We need to first respect our profession and only then will others respect our worth!

‘Many’ LIS professionals who are council members in various Associations ‘may’ have come across atleast one of these post(s). ….but ‘none’ responded as to what their association is doing! Probably because they are doing nothing in changing the status of how librarianship is perceived and repercussions of their apathy reflected in government policies. If this continues, then as predicted librarians will become obsolete and their place overtaken by ‘shiny’ MBAs and “geeky” IT professionals. British Library in India already started replacing library professionals at the top.

But slowly many LIS professionals world over are waking from their slumber and protesting and slowly demanding that LIS Associations should start making a difference rather than just conducting Seminars/Conferences/Workshops and publishing recycled content in the proceedings.

We want change!

We want our elected representative in Library Associations to bring change and not add points to their API score or make connections and get elected/selected to various boards and benefit personally.


Request: Use ‪#‎IndiaLibraries‬ ‪#‎WakeUpLISProfessionalsInIndia‬ to focus on burning issues in Librarianship in India.


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