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Updated List: Date/Month/Year LIS groups in India were Started on Whatsapp!

September 26, 2015

Dream Librarian 16-Oct-13
LIS Professional 09-Jan-14
IndiaLibraries 11-Aug-14
LIS Friends 03-Oct-14
Academic Library 12-Sep-14
Telangana Librarians 27-Nov-14
Library Group 27-Jan-15
IndiaLibraries Students Group 21-Feb-15
Knowledge Managers 22-Apr-15
LIS in West Bengal 30-May-15
Hyderabad Librarians 06-Jul-15
LIS Teachers 15-Jul-15
OU Libs 15-Sep-15
PH.D Course Work 2015 09-Sep-15

Contact and message us your phone number, Full Names, Place of work if you want to become a member of IndiaLibraries Whatsapp Group.

If there is some discrepancy in the above data please connect at


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  1. “Library Dot Com” group also run on WhatsApp last 19 months


  2. Bhartiya Granthpal Sangh WhatsApp Group Run date 1-1-2013 total member 1688 total 22 groups ,admin Prof Kuldeep P.Pawar , Librarian ,Govt. College of Education (CTE) Parbhani, Maharashtra.

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