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Librarians from India using Whatsapp!

February 20, 2015

AchalaMunigal's Blog

Librarians have always learnt to use the latest Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) as well as mobile tools available in the market and utilised them

  • to benefit their members
  • in their workplace with their teams
  • for professional development

One of the most used mobile app is Whatsapp; that Librarians in India are utilising. There are many Library and Information Science (LIS) groups on Whatsapp and the alphabetical listing is

  1. Academic Library
  2. Dream Librarian
  3. IndiaLibraries
  4. Library Group
  5. LIS Friends
  6. LIS Professional
  7. Telangana Librarians

I cannot share their numbers due to security and privacy issues. But I would like to thank all the group admins who are running these groups for the benefit of LIS community.

Like every technology Whatsapp too has advantages and disadvantages ….


  1. Instant information sharing
  2. Instant connecting with other members
  3. Issues can be discussed and clarity sought
  4. All members can discuss and give their suggestions
  5. Use of emoticons instead of writing long winded answers

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  1. rajni permalink

    Respected Sir
    I don’t know I have to said this or not but Sir what about others who don’t know about use of blogs including me .most of persons wants to share there views or learn from another but how after then we don’t have the skills to use it. If someone want to know about use all these media’s where we go


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