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Philanthropy in Libraries – India

June 11, 2013

  1. Read Global
  2. Sakshi NGO and Sakshi NGO Library Program
  3. Room to Read
  4. Pratham Books
  5. Library Project in Rishikesh India
  6. Ejipura Slum Relief, Library Marketing, and School Adventures
  7. Libraries without borders
  8. The Bharti Library and Activity Center (BLAC) – to introduce deprived children to bokks and help them upgrade reading skills

Individual Efforts

  1. Pushpendra Pandya’s Crowdsourced Library
  2. Shabir Mustafa’s Mera Library
  3. Menaka Sankaralingam RAPO™ – Read And Pass On
  4. Umesh Malhotra Hippocampus Reading Foundation
  5. Sanday D Cant Stop Reading –

On Facebook

  1. RAPO™ – Read And Pass On
  2. Reading Caterpillar Childrens Book Club at Nizamuddin West –

Newspaper Articles

  1. Group of friends (Ashutosh Nandwana, Nandan Singh Lalwal, Sundeep Choudhary, Vivek Kakkar and Dolly Munjal) set up library for poor children
  2. Shabir Mustafa, founder of Mera Library
  3. Pushpendra Pandya’s Crowdsourced Library



  1. Care And Educate Slum Kids In Guntur, India 
  2. Hippocampus Reading Foundation 
  3. Building A First Great School – In Rural Karnataka

Note: The listing is Alphabetical and is not on basis of popularity or ranking. If your name is not here or should not be classified under ‘Philanthropy in Libraries ’ or ‘Philanthropy in Libraries – from India’ please email us at Will update it. India Libraries attempts to collate all information useful – for, by, of, about LIS professionals from India. And IndiaLibraries does not endorse any of those listed here.


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